Whose Life are YOU really living?

Whose Life are YOU really living?

That seems like an odd question but it absolutely is the starting point for changing your life!
Put it another way -
Are you really doing what you would love to do in your life?
Or are you doing what is expected of you by society, your parents or peers?
So many people are living someone else’s version of what they think they should be doing.
I am here to help people like YOU burst out of that square peg in a round hole situation, to change their mindset, to acknowledge that you are NOT where you want to be and decide where you DO want to be and to create amazing new and exciting chapters in their lives.
It all begins with answering either of those 2 questions.
Through my own journey, I know that you simply cannot make big changes without the right support and encouragement from experts who can help you effect those transformations correctly so that they last.
So often I tried and failed to change my mindset from negative to positive, and I know you have too, to make those big changes but they didn’t work. I discovered that the reason they didn’t work is simply down to your thought processes.
Our thoughts, which come from our programming from our parents, elders, peers and society, affect everything we do:

Our thoughts become our beliefs
Our beliefs become our attitude 
Our attitude become our feelings
Our feelings become our actions
Our actions create the results we see in our lives!

The fact that our thoughts comes from our programming so automatic from years off absorbing all those things said to us throughout our lives - “you can’t do that; who do you think you are; you’ll never make anything of yourself “ and many others I’m sure you can recall.We don’t even think about whether or not we actually believe what we think or indeed if those thoughts are even true but we do accept them because that’s what we have always been told so that must be right mustn’t it, after all, our parents, siblings and peers would only ever tell us the truth wouldn’t they?
Actually, no, they don’t because they are repeating their programming or they are scared that if you rise up and step into the real you, then you will leave them behind and not want to be associated with them. That is something you have to accept but you don’t have to continue believing and not living your best life because of their attitude.
If you know deep inside that you are destined for bigger and better things, you are most likely feeling frustrated, like you don’t fit in but you may not be aware of WHY you feel like that. One thing is sure - if you don’t change your thinking, you will never change your life!


I help people to change their lives by getting them to stop and listen to those thoughts and challenge their thinking because it is only when we do that, that we can begin to change our thinking and which leads us to change our lives!
So, the first step is to become aware of your thoughts, challenge them, dismiss those that no longer serve you and replace them with thoughts that do serve you. To do this you need to write down your thoughts and take each one in turn to question the validity of that thought, then cross it out and write underneath the real truth that you do believe.
During this process, you will become more aware of your thoughts and will begin to automatically challenge and change them. As you move through this process, you will become much stronger in what you will allow and accept and as you change your thinking, you will become stronger and less able to tolerate things that you no longer wish to accept.
It is a very interesting process that is also challenging, especially when you consider that these thoughts have been ruling your life for years, maybe decades and you have been accepting this programming, believing and acting in a way that doesn’t actually reflect the real person you are.
We are conditioned by society, our parents and peers to “fit in” never to strive for greatness, unless you are very lucky ( in which case, this blog is not for you),we are expected to be happy living a mediocre life, even if it doesn’t fill us with joy and leaves our soul starved and withering because we are not living in our purpose, what we came here to do.
Well, I have to tell you that this is not true, actually you DO want to stand out, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now, which is written to give you the nudge you need to start thinking about what you really do want. I want to work with outstanding people, who believe there is much more to life than mediocrity and DO want to stand out and create their great masterpiece - whatever that looks like for them!
There is obviously a great deal more to transforming your life than what is written here so if you would like to know more, then please do get in touch for a chat. No obligation on your part, but a chance to discuss possibilities and spark you imagination!

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