Whose Life are YOU really living?

Do you ever listen to your thoughts? Do they truly reflect who you are? This blog will help you to begin to see how you can change your thinking to change your life!

Are you passionate about what you do?

Learn HOW to make sure that your business idea is really what you want to do. Building a business is not easy so you need to be sure your idea is truly what makes your soul sing.

Mental health

Today I want to talk about an aspect of life that often holds us back in business and in life – our mental health. It is a subject which has been bought more out into the open this year than ever before, due to the measures taken in response to the Coronavirus.

Why is a great positive MIND-SET so crucial to success?

It is imperative that if you want to live a great life, you must work hard on creating a great, positive, inspiring environment around you. Not only is this important in regard to the people you spend time with but actually, changing your environment starts with changing your inner Mind-Set.

Are you living YOUR life or someone else’s?

I do a great deal of Networking & meet many different people, mostly independent business owners but also many others who represent the company they work for but who would really like to work for themselves. They often feel that they are creatively stifled and frustrated by the constraints of having to “fit-in” with the ethos & practices of their employer, even when they disagree with those principles & methods.

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