Who is Pam Edwards?

Throughout my life, I have had many personal challenges including the painful break-up of my 26 year marriage, many family traumas and several periods of redundancy, getting into debt & suffering with the depressions that often come with those bleak times!

Through all those major traumas, I withdrew from life, lost good friends and took comfort in surrounding myself with others of a similar negative mind-set because I was deeply hurt, made to feel worthless, unwanted and lost my true self. 

However, even while I was working through all these challenges, I was still holding down a successful career as an Office Manager, working with Independent Business Owners, creating the structure of their companies, including recruiting & training staff, creating & expanding systems and being responsible for the day to day running of every aspect of the company. So I also understand the challenges of growing an Independent Business from inception through to expansion success!

Eventually, I realised I was not living my own personal life but was just existing, living as others expected & wanted me to and I couldn’t live like that anymore.

Big changes needed to be made. The question was: 

What do I need to do to re-discover the real ME?

Change your mindset

I know how difficult it is when you’re at the bottom, feeling no-one understands and you can’t articulate what’s wrong – life can feel very lonely. My research has led me back time & time again to one thing:  It all comes down to changing your mind-set from negative to positive.

Clearing the clutter from your mind, your life and removing those limiting beliefs, is crucial to being able to move forward to become the best, most amazing people that we are deep down – finding your true path is essential to your happiness & success, whatever field you work in.

Having pretty much “been there, done that & got the T-Shirt!”, I know that life can get overwhelming and we all need help at times!
I have found ways to overcome all of those challenges.
I’ve explored many different complimentary therapies which all have their place.
I’ve bought together the very best of those therapies to make your journey easier and quicker!

I know how daunting this journey can be and I now work with clients like you who need to make changes but aren’t sure where to start. I would love to support your journey of transformation too.

I know that with my support, YOU can rise up from rock bottom too!


I don't restrict myself to any business sector because:

  1. I work with the individual person first, building Confidence, Personal Belief, Passion and Knowledge.
  2. I focus on business fundamentals of structure, creating a strong framework and foundations on which to build a long term, sustainable & successful business.

These fundamentals never change and cannot be ignored – therein lies failure.

Without these basics in place, in my view, we can’t create lasting changes personally and long term business success.

Creating our lives in the way we want to live is challenging and when we are trying to change years of negative programming, I know it is almost impossible to do without support & guidance to keep us on track.

Being an Independent Business Owner is hard work. If the mind-set isn't great, beset by doubt or inconsistent, easily distracted, they will never be successful or be able navigate the challenges of being in business.

If they don't really understand and are emotionally committed to WHY they want to create this idea into a business and are not fully committed to creating success with the hard work required, the business will go off track, they will lose heart and focus so the business will collapse.

If there is no planning - particularly a written plan with time-bound Goals, there is nothing to aim for and it is easy to get distracted or dismiss the Goal. This applies to both Personal & Business Goals.

I'm all about creating long term success by giving clients the tools they need to navigate their way through the challenges of creating their success that leads to changing their lives!

Out of the ashes of your former life comes transformation, re-birth and a new YOU!

That’s why Phoenix Rising was created -
To help you rise up from the ashes to support you on this journey of creation !

Are you ready to step into the Next Chapter of your amazing life?

Get in touch today


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